Even more innovation with Stealthcode

Even more innovation with Stealthcode

Creating unique, safe, and sustainable packaging that is also an effective communication tool that appeals to the end-user is now easy thanks to StealthCode® technology. 

Now, you can combine industrial packaging with exclusive content to improve customer engagement and buying experience.


What is StealthCode®?

StealthCode® is an interactive and dynamic solution based on the Digimarc Barcode® technology developed by BeeGraphic. It’s a watermark that is invisible to the human eye but covers the entire packaging without taking away space from graphics and design. The free StealthCode® app for Android and iOS allows you to detect the code at any point. All you have to do is scan the packaging to access exclusive digital content associated with the product and updated in real-time. The system generates a code that cannot be duplicated and is equipped with computer security systems that prevent the code from being read if it doesn’t comply with the required standards.

Be Packaging and BeeGraphic join forces for a new customer engagement experience.

Be Packaging has joined forces with BeeGraphic, a major company in the global packaging industry, to provide the possibility of applying the StealthCode® technology to your packaging. A synergy that will make your products even more unique!

Here are a few possible fields of application:

  • agrifood industry: the user scans the packaging and is redirected to a page with an exclusive recipe that exalts the product;
  • in the wine industry: the user scans the label on the packaging and can view the entire production chain and know the origin of the grapes and vine varieties;
  • in the anti-counterfeit industry: the user scans the packaging and can check the authenticity of the product, its production batch and traceability in real-time;
  • in marketing: the invisible code allows the end-user to access just-in-time promotion, thereby improving the buying experience.

The code can simply redirect to the brand’s website or social media. Your imagination is the only limit!