The effectiveness of print in a digital label and packaging world.

Digital printing and Industry 4.0 are the main topics of the conference organised by Be Packaging.

“Labels Innovation, the technologies of the future” is the title of the conference that will take place on 25 January at the Be Packaging conference room in Montesarchio, near Benevento.

“The idea of sharing the views and experiences of various companies in the digital printing chain in the pursuit of quality stemmed from our willingness to welcome every technological innovation with a smile,” said Biagio Flavio Mataluni and Antonio Lonardo.

“Companies are often overwhelmed by technology and are not open to novelty. And when they are, it’s more about meeting a need than seizing an opportunity. Our open-minded approach has allowed us to meet the needs of a market that has changed drastically several times over the past few years.”

The morning session will be more technical with presentations by representatives of several companies and the University of Salerno. The afternoon session will focus on discussion and the guided tour of the Be Packaging facilities.

Be Packaging is a relatively young company specialising in adhesive and shrink sleeve labels that has focused its business on innovation.

It started out at the exclusive service of a major company in the food industry and, after gaining experience and investing in innovative technologies and solutions, including state-of-the-art labelling and coding systems, it opened up to the market becoming one of the industry benchmarks in Campania.

Be Packaging can rely on a modern in-house research centre specialising in material, substrate, printing media and ink specifications. The company has also partnered with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno, Italy’s only university department specialising in the packaging sector.

After the opening ceremony with the President of Be Packaging, Biagio Flavio Mataluni and the company presentation by General Manager Antonio Lonardo, the programme will continue as follows:

“Active packaging with natural additives to prolong product shelf life” – Loredana Incarnato, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno

“The world of graphic art: HP’s vision. An evolving strategy” – Antonio Maiorano, HP Indigo & PWP Regional Business Manager

“HP Indigo digital printing: your imagination is the only limit” – Marco Murelli, HP Indigo Label & Packaging Solution Architect

“The fourth industrial revolution” – Lucia Gambineri and Carlo Airaghi, technical manager and sales manager of SAS Italia, respectively.

“Conventional and digital flexo printing. Strengths and commonalities – Stefano D’Andrea, flexo expert, consultant and member of the ATIF Technical Committee.


The event will be moderated by Marco F. Picasso, chief editor of “MetaPrintArt”, the online magazine about communications techniques and culture. This conference is for operators in the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and large-scale distribution sectors. For further information, please contact the organisational committee | Be Packaging Via Badia, zona Ind.le 82016 Montesarchio (BN) Tel.: +39 0824 1871115 – ext. 26 Email: