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Sleeve labels

Sleeve labels: a growing market

Shrink sleeve labels accounts for 13% of the global label market. This may seem a low percentage, but keep in mind that these labels fall within a medium-run sub-segment and are growing faster (about 5% per year) than other labelling technologies. This increase in the demand for sleeve labels is mainly explained by the marketing and brand recognition advantages they provide. The increase in the demand for reduced-weight plastic bottles has also led to the growth of the sleeve label market.


Why should you choose sleeve labels?

The reasons our clients choose sleeve labels are many. For example, they provide greater visibility, and they are perfectly in line with the policy to recycle and reuse the container.

But let’s delve deeper into the reasons for choosing sleeve labels.

First of all, shrink sleeve labels increase a product’s shelf appeal. Our technologies ensure high print quality and allow us to use bright substrates that enhance the particularly saturated shades used. This way, the finished product stands out for its immediate visual impact and glossy effect of the label.

We make full-body labels, which means more visibility and more space for information.

We can also make sleeves that serve as guarantee seals. These tamper-evident labels are perfect for guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of the product.

We can also make perforations based on your needs. This will help end consumers remove the label from the container.

In the event of promotions or if you need to bundle several products in one pack, our bundle sleeve labels are the solution for you.

Another important reason for choosing sleeve labels is the absence of glue in the application process, which makes it easy to separate them from the container to recycle and reuse them.