Wet glue labels

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Wet glue labels

Wet glue labels: between tradition and innovation

When speaking about consolidated techniques, you have to mention wet glue labels. This type of label is mainly applied to glass substrates, bottles, and the like.

The application process is quite delicate and must take the veining of the material into account. We use a labelling machine with a damp sponge. The glue inside the sponge activates its properties in contact with water; however, its bond strength is obtained only after the solvents have evaporated. This way, the label sticks perfectly to the surface even if it’s slippery.


Our approach and the reasons for the success of wet glue labels

Wet glue labels account for 36% of the global label market. Despite the growing popularity of other methods and technologies, wet glue labels remain the most widespread ones, especially in the food and beverage industry. The reasons for this success are many.

First of all, the advantages in terms of quality/cost ratio in the event of large-scale production. Our flexibility allows us to ensure long print runs, whereas the highest production standards ensure competitive costs and excellent quality products.

Another reason for the success of wet glue labels is the affordable raw materials used. Paper, for example, is cheaper than other materials, and it allows for great versatility and customisation. Moreover, wet glue has proven to be the most affordable medium without compromising resistance and high performance. Our laboratories are always at work to verify the quality and suitability of the raw materials used in the production cycle.

The labelling machine with a sponge speeds up processing and production. With this system, we can make 600 containers per minute and use almost artisanal techniques in the event of decoration specifications, such as hot stamping, embossing, and lamination. The result is an original and extremely customisable decoration.

Wet glue labelling is also an easy and clean process; however, only highly specialised and flexible companies like ours, who focus on the development of new technologies, can obtain excellent results with this labelling system.


The strengths of our wet glue labels

Our glueing system ensures optimal bonding to glass surfaces, exploiting the viscosity of the glue, which sticks to the substrate preventing leaks, bubbles, and the label from sliding.

Moreover, our wet glue labels are highly water-resistant. Labels applied to bottles are subject to hygrometric variations when the product is consumed because the bottle can come into contact with ice or cold water and the humidity level tends to increase while the product is refrigerated. Laboratory tests performed on our wet glue labels show that even in humid conditions, the glue maintains its bonding strength with the glass substrate.

Plus, our wet glue labels come off easily, which is particularly convenient in the event of returnable bottles.